Blockchain Based Technology

Global Payments at Your Fingertips

Empowering global financial institutions with real-time settlement technology

Why PayCo?

Global Payment Technology

Send money globally with instant transfers and reduced costs

Revolutionizing Global Money Transfers

At PayCo HK Limited, we are revolutionizing the way money is sent. Financial service companies and banking institutions can now transfer money globally with instant transactions and reduced costs.

The Future of Currency is Digital

Our cutting-edge technology and worldwide network streamline remittances, disbursements, and treasury flows, ensuring they are quicker, more dependable, and more economical for organizations and their clients.

United Pay

Our cutting-edge technology ensures faster payments, seamless market expansion, real-time tracking, and flexible money management.

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Enable Faster Payments

Speed up transaction delivery with real-time settlements, regardless of the funding source or destination.

Expand Into New Markets

Easily connect to global payout markets through a single, seamless integration.

Track Payments in Real-Time

Gain payment certainty and transparency with real-time tracking and upfront pricing.

Move Money on Your Schedule

Efficiently manage payments around the clock, with no cut-off times or pre-funding requirements.