PayCo HK Limited

Institutional Payment Solutions​

At PayCo HK Limited, we empower our clients with instant, transparent, and traceable transactions worldwide. 

PayCo HK Limited

Comprehensive Payment Options


Connecting Payments

Our platform offers a wide range of services, including foreign exchange payment execution, management of multiple nostro accounts, and low-cost remittance options. These features ensure that payment providers have the flexibility and tools they need to optimize their financial operations.


Unlock New Opportunities

PayCo HK Limited enables your business to venture into previously challenging or cost-prohibitive markets. Our innovative technology helps you expand with confidence, supported by a reliable and efficient system.


Cost & Time Efficiency

Our solutions can save you up to 60% on transaction costs, providing your customers with cheaper and faster payment options. Connect with our sales team to discover how you can experience the future of payment technology with PayCo HK Limited.

Advanced Solutions for Financial Institutions

PayCo HK Limited delivers specialized services tailored for large banks and financial institutions. Our cutting-edge technology enables real-time payment tracking, complete with unique delivery verification codes for pinpoint accuracy in transaction monitoring.

Enhanced Data Handling

Our systems support the attachment of large data packages, simplifying the management of sensitive information. With an estimated $2 trillion USD lost annually to slow cross-border payments, our technology offers a transformative solution.

  • Ultra Fast Transactions: Complete transactions in minutes or seconds, compared to the current week-long settlement times.

  • Smart Contracts: Automate and improve contractual performance with self-executing smart contracts.

  • Immutable Blockchain Data: Ensure detailed audit trails and eliminate errors with real-time, immutable data recording, enhancing transparency and regulatory reporting across the industry.